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This is an over ankle length, light weight sock that looks and feels like a regular sock. A comfortable, shariah compliant alternative to leather khuffs, these socks are suitable for everyday use and designed specifically with the function of ablution in mind. Now available in four colors, they provide the look of a professional dress sock making them perfect for work, travel, and more! Any applicable discounts are reflected in the shopping cart.

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  • Outer shell: 98% abrasion resistant nylon, 2% elastane.
  • Interlining: Porelle waterproof breathable membrane.
  • Inner sock: 60% bamboo, 40% nylon.


  • Light weight, comfortable, and professional look for the workplace
  • Completely waterproof and highly breathable membrane interlining
  • Close fitting and covering over the ankle length.
  • Fits into a pair of normal shoes, outperforming standard leather prayer socks (khuffayn)
  • Durable, lasts miles of walking without wearing out or deteriorating
  • Physically tested and approved by Muslim scholars
  • The rules for Masah on leather socks and our shariah compliant socks remain the same.

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Weight 5.86 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 5 × 1.5 in
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Black, Brown, Navy, Gray

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Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

14 reviews for "Wudhu Socks"

  1. :

    Hands-down, the best Shariah-compliant socks for wudu. They are very light and feel almost exactly like regular socks. Highly recommend.

  2. :

    Alhamdulillah these socks are literally a game changer for when i’m at work. and the all-black sock maintains a professional look.

  3. :


  4. :

    Great water proof socks that wear like a heavier sock. It’s much better then other water proof socks I’ve tried.

  5. :

    Alhamdulillah this brother is doing a great job! I switched from the previously popular Sealskinz waterproof socks and I notice a huge difference. These are thinner, lighter and all-black which makes it easy to use at work and in travel.

    Jazak’Allahu khair!

  6. :

    Just recently got some of these and I can’t go a day at work without them. They look and feel like regular socks and the waterproof part is also great for when it rains/snows.

  7. :

    Very nice socks
    makes a lot of ease when at work
    Very reliable

  8. :

    This is an Amazing product Mashallah!!!

    I have worn all types of khuffs from leather to sealskinz and I must say these are the best ones so far Allahumdillah. They are light, breathable, clean looking and most importantly tried and tested backed by reliable scholars.

    May Allah reward your work immensely. 

  9. :

    These socks are literally the next level of sock technology for all mankind, not just Muslims. These socks ventilate so well that I can wear them daily for nearly a week before they start to get any foot smell! Masha’Allah

  10. :

    These socks are literally the next level of sock technology for all mankind, not just Muslims. These socks ventilate so well that I can wear them daily for nearly a week before they start to get any foot smell! Same goes for your feet themselves! Masha’Allah

  11. :

    alhamdulillah I love the convenience these give me for making a “speed” wudu, ESPECIALLY at work (office)! These are pretty thick and feel a little like a casing at first when you slip them on, but after that you don’t even notice. I like that they’re fairly long (as far as how high they come up, about quarter shin, a couple inches shorter than standard long basketball socks). It would be nice if they made them in longer and shorter versions. Also, it’s nice that the material is stretchy so you can fit normally into two sizes.

    Downside is obviously these are very expensive, and ideally you wanna wear these everyday. That becomes an issue because, like any socks, they get dirty each day, and washing them everyday isn’t practical because they need to hang dry (shouldn’t be machine dried), which takes time. Thus, you need multiple pairs if you’re trying to do wudu socks everyday. You can probably wear one pair 3 times, but even doing it twice feels a little nasty. To help mitigate that a little bit, and the dirty factor, for the inside anyway, I’ll wear a regular pair of socks underneath. Also, they really need to make more patterns!! That would be awesome, and help justify paying this much, and also would make them a great gift. I’m sure they’re working on this though. And the plain black does look good and makes it look like a normal sock to the untrained eye

    Overall though, for the convenience, I do love these and consider these a must-have. Just makes life so much more convenient, especially at work, and you can finally now just “wipe your socks” and not be cheating! haha

    jazakallah to the creators

  12. :

    Alhumdullilah. I am on the road quite a bit and these socks are excellent. Very comfortable. I wear a pair every time I travel out of town and I am very satisfied.

  13. :

    Had me migrated off of sealskins and I thought those were great. These are beyond awesome

  14. :

    Great when you need to make Wudhu on trips. Why trouble to wash feet? Just make Masah. Lol

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Size USA Men USA Women UK Euro CM
Small 4-6 5-7.5 3-5 36-38 22-24
Medium 6.5-9 8-10 6-8 39-42 24-26
Large 9.5-12 10.5-12 9-11 43-46 26-28
X-Large 12.5-14.5 12-13 12-14 47-49 28-30
These are important guidelines because WuduGear socks are not a pair of ordinary socks but a pair of technical composite products. Improper care will ruin the performance or even damage the products, so please take note and perform these instructions carefully. Be careful to not get the membrane of the socks punctured or it will leak. Make sure you wear footwear over the socks. They are socks after all, not shoes. Proper care will significantly extend the product life and in return the socks will benefit you for longer.


WuduGear socks are machine washable below 40°C (104°F), but we highly recommend washing them by hand to extend the life of the product.


WuduGear socks are absolutely not suitable to be dried on any direct heat sources such as a dryer, radiator, or an iron for risk of delamination – splitting apart. The proper way to dry after washing is to turn the socks inside out and spin dry without heating. Then turn right side out to hang in a good air flowing condition to drip dry overnight (hang dry). Do not tumble dry. The following are wash care instructions: care