The Technology

Waterproof construction

WuduGear products undergo a complete inspection for being 100% waterproof before leaving the factory. Our socks are inspected piece by piece on testing devices before being packed. Any rejected piece is discarded if it fails. Porelle® high performance waterproof barrier can withstand 10 psi, equivalent to a 7000 mm hydrostatic head, BS 3424 Part26:1990.

Breathability index

The breathability of our products is measured by the index of water vapor permeability through the fabrics under testing. The Porelle® membrane in WuduGear socks can reach the breathability of 10,000g/m2/day in compliance with ASTM E96 BW:1995. There is no other waterproof sock in the world that can claim such high breathability within their products.

Excellent flexibility

The Porelle® membrane is a special functional inner layer, laminated to the inner lining. The WuduGear waterproof knit socks keeps a close fit even while using this technology, so the feeling is similar to a normal outdoor sock.

Superb thermal performance

WuduGear socks are waterproof and breathable, and the pockets in the lining are full of air rather than moisture. The air provides enhanced temperature performance as an efficient heat transfer substance.