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Wash & Care Instructions

This is important guidance because Wudu Gear socks are not a pair of ordinary outdoor socks. Rather, they are a pair of technical composite products. Improper care will ruin the performance or even damage the product, so take note and follow these instructions carefully. Be careful not to puncture the membrane of the socks or it will leak. Make sure to wear appropriate footwear over the socks. They are socks after all, not shoes. Proper care will significantly extend the product life and in turn the socks will benefit you longer.


WuduGear socks are machine washable below 104°F (40°C), but we highly recommend to wash by hand in cool water for the ideal care to extend their life.


Wudu Gear socks are absolutely not suitable to be dried in or on any direct heat sources such as a dryer, radiator, or an iron for risk of delamination – splitting apart.
The proper way to dry after washing is to turn inside out and hang in a good air flowing condition to drip dry overnight. Do not tumble dry.

The following are wash care instructions from our manufacturing facility: