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Performing Wudu is convenient,
everywhere you go.

Whether you're in the masjid, at work, on a trip,
on the go, in the office or anywhere else,
Wudu Socks by make
performing ablution more convenient.

Who are we? was founded by a group of passionate and devout Muslims looking to serve the wudu (ablution) needs of Muslims in North America. We realize that public facilities, and even our own homes, are seldom designed to accommodate our needs to perform wudu (ablution).

Wudu Gear is the exclusive distributor of DexShell socks for ablution in North America. We sell retail to individuals as well as to resellers through our reseller program. To learn more about the program and to apply, please click here.


Our reseller program is not only a great way to help Muslims around the United States and Canada get access to WuduGear, but with an estimated 3.5 millions Muslims in North America, it is a lucrative business opportunity as well. 

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Who Do We Sell to?

Retail Customers

No need to apply to simply buy WuduGear for yourself, friends, or family! We are a full service retail and wholesale store. You can buy 1 pair, 10 pairs, 100 or 1,000! Just browse around and WuduGear will be delivered to your door with just a few clicks.


Think you have what its got to sell WuduGear? Join our Reseller program! You get priority access and special discounted pricing. Our Reseller program is scalable to your size. We have a Reseller Basic Plan and Reseller Plus Plan.

Wholesale Customers

If your volume goes beyond our Reseller options, you can become a Wholesaler. Along with the benefits in the Reseller Basic and Plus options we offer additional discounts on pricing. Please fill out this form, we will contact you within 24 hours.

FREE SHIPPING on all orders using coupon code GotWudu